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WWE SmackDown & Raw – Things You Don’t Know Before


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WWE SmackDown & Raw – Things You Don’t Know Before

WWE SmackDown and Raw are two of the most popular professional wrestling television shows globally. SmackDown airs on Friday nights, while Raw airs on Monday nights, both produced by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). These shows feature a mix of in-ring wrestling matches, backstage segments, interviews, storylines, and character developments. Please note that the information provided here may not cover specific events or results after this time.

WWE SmackDown:

Recent Matches and Storylines:

  1. Main Event Matches: SmackDown’s main event matches often feature WWE’s top stars. Matches for the WWE Universal Championship, Women’s Championships, and Intercontinental Championship frequently headline the show.
  2. Top Stars and Storylines: Superstars like Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, Big E, and Charlotte Flair have been prominently featured in storylines. Reigns, particularly, has been a dominant force as the Universal Champion, involved in various feuds and alliances.
  3. Tag Team Division: The show also highlights tag team matches with teams like The Usos, The New Day, and RK-Bro often engaging in high-stakes bouts.
  4. Special Guest Appearances: SmackDown occasionally features appearances from legends, returning superstars, or surprise debuts, adding excitement to the show.

WWE Raw:

Recent Matches and Storylines:

  1. Championship Matches: Raw features matches for the WWE Championship, Raw Women’s Championship, United States Championship, and Raw Tag Team Championship as its main attractions.
  2. Top Superstars: Notable stars such as Bobby Lashley, Becky Lynch, Drew McIntyre, and Randy Orton have been pivotal in Raw storylines and title pursuits.
  3. Character Developments: Raw focuses on character developments and rivalries to keep the audience engaged. Heel turns, face-offs, and unexpected alliances are common elements in these storylines.
  4. Building Up Young Talent: WWE often uses Raw as a platform to showcase emerging talent, allowing younger stars to establish themselves through matches and storylines.

Typical Show Format:

SmackDown and Raw generally follow a similar format:

  1. Opening Segment: Both shows usually kick off with a promo, a match, or a significant segment to captivate the audience’s attention.
  2. Wrestling Matches: Each episode includes several wrestling matches featuring various superstars. These matches vary in length and significance, from quick squashes to longer, more competitive bouts.
  3. Backstage Segments and Interviews: Interspersed throughout the show are backstage segments, interviews, and promos where wrestlers further storylines, address rivalries, or set up future matches.
  4. Main Event: The main event is often a high-profile match that brings the show to a climax, often involving championship bouts or intense rivalries.
  5. Surprise Elements: Both shows occasionally include surprise appearances, shocking moments, or unexpected twists to keep viewers intrigued.

Impact of Results:

  1. Title Changes: Significant outcomes can include title changes, where championships switch hands, leading to new storylines and feuds.
  2. Storyline Progression: Results often play a crucial role in advancing ongoing storylines, creating new angles, and developing characters.
  3. Fan Reactions: Audience reactions to match outcomes, storyline developments, and superstar performances are crucial for the WWE’s decision-making and future direction.
  4. Social Media and Fan Engagement: Results generate discussions, debates, and reactions among fans on social media platforms, contributing to the overall buzz and excitement surrounding WWE programming.


WWE SmackDown and Raw serve as the flagship shows of World Wrestling Entertainment, offering a blend of athleticism, drama, and entertainment. Both shows showcase a mix of established stars, rising talents, and captivating storylines to engage a global fanbase. The results and developments on these shows significantly impact the larger WWE landscape, shaping the future of championships, rivalries, and the overall direction of the company. As WWE continues to evolve its storytelling and in-ring action, SmackDown and Raw remain pivotal in delivering thrilling moments and captivating audiences worldwide.

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